Publicity Center Work

Branding  |  Illustration  |  Motion Graphics  |  Design Translation

A collection of posters, animated signage, and other projects developed during my three years at the AS Publicity Center. Working at the Publicity Center gave me an opportunity to develop a wide variety of styles and experiment with both motion design and print production techniques.

Oh Sheep! A Petting Zoo!?

This campaign is probably the cutest thing I've ever worked on. It was a great learning experience to step outside of my comfort zone to try a more illustrative project, and I was able to translate into many different forms including a Virtual Reality Petting Zoo.

Western Student Shuttle Redesign

This was my biggest project at the Publicity Center: a complete redesign of the Student Shuttle. My main priority with this project was creating a bus schedule that could be easily read and used by inebriated college students. I went to great lengths to create a consistent design language that prioritized type contrast and displayed the bus times as clearly as possible.

For the first time, the Student Shuttle now has a brochure designed specifically for mobile devices. The brochure was integrated into the Western Wheels app (an app created by Western Students that shows bus times around Bellingham) so that students have easy access to the shuttle schedule wherever they are.