Video Work

Videography  |  Editing  |  Motion Graphics

Making videos is something I've been passionate about ever since I decided to record myself doing pogo stick tricks in my backyard. I've changed subject matter over the years, and have gradually become more experimental in my video making process. I challenge myself to try a new technique for each video I produce - be it hyperlapse, motion light painting, or specialized transitions.

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Will you follow the light, or will it follow you? This video explores a series of animated light painting techniques that I had been thinking about for quite some time. I shot this video with my best friend in my backyard during some of the coldest nights of the year, but had a blast doing it. After submitting it to the Bellingham Music Film Festival I was honored to win 'Best Student Music Video.'

Breaking Bad

A longer-form rework of the Breaking Bad opening sequence using footage of my own, archival desert footage, Cinema 4D renders, and recorded Grand Theft Auto V gameplay.

Fuse TV Ident

Fifteeen-second visual identity for the TV network 'Fuse.' I went with a youthful, experimental vibe to represent their core programming: music videos & culture.