Virtual Reality Experiments

3D Animation  |  3D Modeling  |  360 Video Creation  |  Cinema4D  |  After Effects  |  UX Design

The first time I tried Google Cardboard with my phone, I was hooked on VR. I researched everything about it: the headsets that were coming out soon, the power of this new artistic medium, and the games and experiences that were in development. This year I decided that I should start applying my passion for VR & actually learn how to utilize some of its potential.

Within the limitations of Google Cardboard & my current video/design-based skillset I developed a few 360 degree video experiments using Cinema4D & After Effects. While these early experiments are not technically Virtual Reality, they do represent my vision for using the medium.

I've since bought into the first wave of consumer VR headsets with the HTC Vive and am in the process of learning Unity to develop more immersive and interactive experiences & games. Applying my scant computer science knowledge to my education in motion design, 3D modeling, and user experience design is my ultimate goal.

360 Portfolio Concept

This was an exploration in converting my existing portfolio into a Virtual Reality experience. I designed this experience to work best in seated & standing situations and made sure to use linear movement to reduce motion sickness.

The style was heavily influenced by my personal brand which incorporates high contrast repeating lines & a monochromatic color scheme. I handled dividing my work by creating a series of tunnels that transport you into a different category. For motion work, you are surrounded by a ring of TVs playing the same video - much like a TV display in a department store. That treatment was created to allow the viewer to have more time to see and absorb video content while moving past it.

Experience on YouTube

Digital Hoarding

The brief for this project was to translate something that is traditionally physical to the digital space. I chose to tackle the concept of hoarding physical objects and apply that to the digital clutter that many of us amass. In this experience you're in a room that, while physcially empty, is cluttered with digital information flashing on the walls and objects.

The ceiling is a collection of web bookmarks, the right wall is a photo library, the back wall a music library, the table is saved emails, the floor browser tabs, the far couch saved files, and the chair an amalgam of Wikipedia articles.

Experience on YouTube